The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences Is On The Rise

I am so pleased to have this opportunity to share with you some of the good news in our Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Now is a particularly exciting time for our department with a growing faculty, ever expanding labs, innovative teaching, and all the potential that exists within the new Institute for Integrated […]

Environmental Consulting and the “Deal Killers”

They say, “location is everything” in real estate. When land development teams are siting new restaurants, banks and other retail locations, they often look for the most accessible lot with a high volume of vehicle traffic. Sometimes, that corner lot they desire is vacant and screaming for an HGTV-style extreme makeover. Those are the kind […]

Know Which Way the Wind Blows: All Politics is Local

In a time where politics seem more divisive than ever, we’ve been lucky here in Massachusetts to have a pragmatic approach to governing, especially when it comes to energy and the environment. In 2008, we passed the Global Warming Solutions Act, which set economy-wide goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 25 percent below 1990 […]