June 2020 “At home” edition of BC’s Environmental Eagle Newsletter is published

The latest edition of The Environmental Eagle is now available here. The Environmental Eagle is a newsletter from EcoPledge and Boston College Office of Sustainability.

Articles of note in this edition include:

  • “New AVP of Facilities Services Bob Avalle Rises Through the Ranks of Sustainability”
  • “BC Students Remotely Celebrate Earth Day Online Amid COVID-19 Restrictions”
  • “EPA Rollbacks Under COVID-19 Disproportionately Impact Marginalized Communities”
  • “COVID-19 Related Meat Shortages Might Change How Consumers Think About Meat”
  • “Summer Tides Illuminated Neon Blue Along Southern California Beaches “
  • “Falling Down the Rabbit-hole of ‘Should I Recycle This?'”
  • “Embattled Earth: How the Spice Trade Influenced Our Culture of Consumption”
  • “Peace and Trees: A Farewell Letter from EcoPledge President Ellen Kang”

Patrick Knight

Patrick Knight is a co-chair of BCEEAN, and is a principal associate at Synapse Energy Economics in Cambridge, MA.